Hydrohex is a virtual workout platform for swimming pools, spas, and leisure centres. Read more about the content we offer on this page, or sign up for the demo!

Fitness class

Hydrohex Fitness Classes are a new, immersive aqua fitness concept!

Combining Hollywood-quality cinematography, hit music, and the most luxurious environments, we reshaped the aqua fitness class into something completely new.

Live instructor feeling

Our top instructors take you through the Fitness Class. 

Work out to the music

Fresh beats give you a boost to your workout. Enjoy your class experience with all senses!

High Quality Video

Enjoy the Hollywood-quality multicamera production and experience the movements from under the surface!


Take your endurance to the next level! Hydrohex CARDIO guarantees a motivating and progressive workout that leaves you ready for more.

The mix of #athletic and #tone blocks challenge your cardio and muscular endurance to boost your stamina and recovery speed in record time. This is something for your muscles to remember.

Simplicity is power! The upbeat music, intense movements, and ruthless stopwatch of Hydrohex POWER guarantee you a total-body workout.

The class offers #circuit blocks with dedicated sections focusing on set muscle groups and epic muscle toning. The #challenge sections focus on non-stop power to set your metabolism on fire! Are you ready for this? 

Move your way with Hydrohex MOVE! Simple and efficient whole-body dynamic movements focus on #core support and #mobility. 

Boost your energy levels, and range of movement with the full support of water and leave the pool refreshed, focused and ready for your next move! 

Does the music make your heart beat? Hydrohex BEAT is bringing rhythm and body conditioning together.

Lift your heartrate and challenge your coordination in your own style and feel the energy all the way up to your fingertips! It’s time to #stepup and #shine! 

Where to find





Hydrohex is available in over 100 locations around the world. Find the closest swimming pool, spa, or health club that offers Hydrohex using the map below!

Ähtärin kylpylä

Arnold Leisure Centre

Arrild Svømmehal

BeFair Mörbybadet

BeFair Munktellbadet

BeFair Safiren

BeFair Skogåshallen

BeFair Solna simhall

Bro Simhall


Edsbyns simhall

Espoonlahden uimahalli

Flamingo Spa

Forssan Uimahalli Vesihelmi

Freja Bad & Gym

Haapajärven Uimahalli

Hemel Hempstead Leisure Centre


Huittisten Uimahalli

Ikaalinen Spa & Resort

Imatran Kylpylä

Impivaaran Uimahalli

Injoy Lady Braunschweig

Inkeroisten uimahalli

Itäkeskuksen Uimahalli

Jämsän Uimahalli Koskikara

Järvenpään Uimahalli

Kaarinan uimahalli

Kankaanpään Uimahalli


Kasnäs Spa

Kauhajoen Uimahalli Virkku

Kauniaisten Uimahalli

Keravan Uimahalli

Keski-Espoon uimahalli

Keuruun uimahalli

Kirkcudbright Swimming Pool

Kiuruveden uimahalli

Kontulan uimahalli

Kristiinankaupungin Uimahalli


Kuohu - Kangasalan Uimahalli

Kuusankosken uimahalli

Kylpylä-Hotelli Vesileppis

Kylpylähotelli Mesikämmen

Laitilan Uimahalli

Lapland Hotels Saaga

Leivonmäen uimahalli

Leppävaaran uimahalli ja maauimala

Levi Hotel Spa

Linnoituksen Uimahalli Hamina

Lohja Spa & Resort

Lugnets badhus

Lycksele simhall

Matinkylän uimahalli

Meri-Porin Uimahalli


Naantali Spa


Nivalan Liikuntakeskus

Nolhaga Parkbad


Paradiset Spa

Petreliuksen Uimahalli

Peurungan Kylpylä

Porin Keskustan Uimahalli

Porin prikaati

Pyhäjärven uimahalli

Rajamäen Uimahalli

Rantakylän uimahalli

Rauman Uimahalli

Redcar Leisure Centre


Ruissalo Spa

Scandic Atrium

Scandic Aulanko

Schlossbad Niederrhein

SFC Kuninkaanlähde

Siuntion uimahalli

Skærbæk Svømmehal

Someron Uimahalli Loiske

Spa Hotel Runni

Spa Resort Styria

St Nicholas Park Leisure Centre

Stenungsund Arena


Storumans simhall

Suolahden uimahalli

Suonenjoen uimahalli

Tammisaaren uima- ja palloiluhalli

Timrå simhall

Tønder Svømmehal

Töölön Urheilutalo

Tornion uimahalli

Tuusulan Uimahalli

Uimahalli Vesivelho

Uintikeskus Ulpukka

Urheiluhallit Vuosaari

Urheilupuiston uimahalli

Uudenkaupungin Uimahalli

Valkeakosken Uimahalli

Valkealan uimahalli


Vilhelmina simhall

Virda Bad & Sportcenter

Virkistyshotelli Yyteri

Virkistysuimala Vesikko

Westpark Fitness

Ylivieskan liikuntakeskus uimahalli

Ystad Arena Bad

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Safe & effective
aqua workouts

Aqua fitness is total body training that suits everyone. Aqua fitness is a great way to get the entire cardiovascular system moving! Aqua jogging, pilates, and swimming were all just the beginning. Hydrohex takes aqua fitness to a new level.

The training programs of Hydrohex help you to:

Our aqua fitness classes are aimed at the whole body. The underwater camera clearly explains even the most difficult of exercises.

digitale schwimmbad dienstleistungen

Low impact on joints

Exercising in the water decreases the impact on joints, which lowers the risk of injury. Water is also good for rehabilitating.

Burns Calories

The combination of strength and cardio workouts ensures the body is getting a full workout, perfect for those wanting to lose body fat!

Water has built in resistance

Water resistance is great for toning muscles, increasing fitness and developing core strength. You don't need any extra weight or equipment!

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