Why exercisers keep coming back to Hydrohex classes

Hydrohex is more than just a workout session – it’s an experience that transforms the lives of our exercisers in many ways. Listening to the feedback and comments from our exercisers, it’s clear that Hydrohex classes offer something unique and meaningful.

Results that are Felt in Body and Mind

Many of our exercisers have reported significant results from Hydrohex classes.

A 58-year-old woman is delighted with the relief of back and joint pains after just a few months of regular training. She says: “In just two months, my back and joint pains have eased, I used to take painkillers daily, but I’ve been able to stop that.”

For another, a 45-year-old woman, Hydrohex has meant a reduction in stress, increased energy, and sculpting her body in the desired direction. In her words:

“Hydrohex has reduced my stress, increased my energy, toned my abdominal muscles especially, improved my self-image, and added joy to my daily life.”

These concrete results are just part of why our exercisers love Hydrohex.

Work out in a group

One significant reason for returning to Hydrohex classes is the smaller group sizes. Many of our exercisers describe the feeling of a successful workout after each session and how their bodies enjoy stretching and moving in the water, especially after days spent at the office.

One exerciser remarks:

“Training is also encouraging when you feel like you’ve had a successful workout. Especially after office days, the body enjoys stretching and moving in the water. The training location is comfortable, not just any general swimming hall, and the groups are nice and small.”

Unique Benefits of Aquatic Exercise

Aquatic exercise offers unique benefits that cannot be found in other forms of exercise. Training in water allows for movements that are not possible on dry land, such as jumps and kicks. Additionally, the resistance of the water makes training effective while being gentle on the joints.

One user highlights how aqua workouts are the only viable option for some exercisers:

“Moving in water has been surprisingly easy, effective, and completely painless. I can get a proper workout easily without muscle or joint pain or excessive heating and sweating.”

The Power of Virtual Instructors and Varied Classes

Exercisers find the virtual instructors’ energy and music motivating and feel completely focused on their own movement without distractions.

Different classes offer variety and allow for scalable training for different fitness levels. Virtual classes are more challenging and clearly guided, making them favorites among our exercisers.

Community and Joy of Exercise

Training with Hydrohex has brought people together. Many regulars come in multiple times during the week with the same group of friends to workout together. Many of them have found new friends and workout buddies in Hydrohex classes.

For many, Hydrohex has meant discovering a new kind of exercise. They are surprised by how versatile and effective Hydrohex classes are.

Many have rediscovered the joy of exercise and are motivated to train regularly.

“After months of wanting to, I joined the leisure centre to start swimming. I tried Hydrohex aqua classes, and I loved it so much. It made me feel like the sporty 15 year old again. It made me fall in love with movement again and being active.

That first Hydrohex session genuinly is what triggered a switch in my brain and has led me to lose 10kg, be more motivated, busier and focused.”

And finally, as one of our exercisers put it:

“Hydrohex is the only exercise I agree to do – it has restored my faith in exercise.”

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