Checklist for preparing your pool for virtual aqua fitness

As the fitness industry continues to evolve, virtual aqua fitness has emerged as a popular option for enthusiasts seeking dynamic and convenient workout experiences. However, integrating this new approach into traditional swimming halls requires careful planning and preparation.

Whether you’re a facility manager or a fitness enthusiast exploring new possibilities, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential steps to ensure that your site is ready to embrace the virtual aqua fitness revolution.

You can go through the steps on your own to prepare your site for virtual fitness, or we can support you through the process from the get-go.

Choose the Screen for virtual aqua fitness

Swimming halls are not typically equipped with screens, which means some installation work is required to accommodate virtual aqua fitness services. With screens, you have many options to choose from. We have gathered the most common screen options and compared them in this article.

If you are unsure which display solution is the best for you or where you should position the screen, book a site survey with us, and we will help you assess the situation.

Choose the Virtual Fitness Content

Hydrohex is the leading virtual aqua fitness content provider. With us you have the choice to go with either live-like Fitness Classes, On-Demand workouts with various content packages, or swim school videos.

Familiarize yourself with the Fitness Classes with our video previews!

With Hydrohex, we provide you with a small mini-PC to serve as the backbone of your virtual aqua fitness setup, facilitating seamless connectivity between the screen solution and the virtual video content.

Choose the Pool for Virtual Fitness

Requirements for the pool with virtual aqua fitness are the same as with traditional aqua fitness. One of the most important considerations is the depth of the pool.

Optimal pool depth is a critical factor in ensuring a comfortable and effective aqua fitness experience. Aim for a depth of around 130cm, as depths below 115cm may be too shallow for certain exercises, while depths exceeding 140cm could pose challenges for participants. Assess your pool’s depth and make any necessary adjustments to accommodate the needs of your virtual aqua fitness program.

We also offer purpose-built deep-water exercise packages to accommodate deeper pools.


Ensure that there is adequate electrical wiring in close proximity to the spot where you intend to install the screen solution. With electronic equipment in pool spaces, specific regulations are in place. Always check and adhere to your local safety standards.

Generally, you need to maintain a distance of at least 2 meters from the pool for any electrical installations, unless the devices are specifically designed to withstand submersion (IP67).

Most display solutions for pool spaces are rated either IP55, IP65, or IP66, meaning they can withstand direct splashes of water, but they should still be installed at least 2 meters away from the water. This is something to consider when planning where to install a screen, and we will guide you through this process during our site surveys.

Internet Access

While all the videos are downloaded on the device for smooth offline playback, a stable internet connection is still required for running the Hydrohex service. A wired connection is preferable for reliability, but Wi-Fi can be utilized with proper consideration for signal strength and reliability within swimming halls.

Alternatively, Hydrohex can provide internet access at an additional cost to ensure uninterrupted service.

Choose an AV Partner

Whether you opt for a screen, projector, or LED wall, we recommend using our trusted partners to streamline the process and ensure your equipment is suitable for virtual aqua fitness purposes. Additionally, we offer a small discount when ordering screens from our partners due to the streamlined process.

Our partners are experts in installations in humid environments and are knowledgeable about the intricacies of virtual aqua fitness setups. However, if you prefer to use your own AV partners, we will provide them with the necessary details and support to ensure proper installation.

Define the Role of Virtual Classes

Before launching virtual aqua fitness classes at your facility, clarify their intended role. Are they meant to complement existing services, replace instructed classes, or serve as a backup for instructor cancellations?

You can assess your current pool utilisation with this calculator.

Checklist for Prepping Your Site for Virtual Aqua Fitness:

[ ] Choose the screen: Choose the screen solution that suits your needs.

[ ] Choose the content: Choose the fitness content you want to run on the screens.

[ ] Choose the pool: Choose a pool with optimal depth for aqua fitness.

[ ] Electrical wiring: Ensure there’s electrical wiring near the screen solution while adhering to safety standards.

[ ] Internet access: Secure a stable internet connection, preferably wired, or opt for Hydrohex’s internet service.

[ ] Partner up for installation: Partner with trusted AV providers to install your display and audio solution.

[ ] Define the role: Clarify the intended role of virtual aqua fitness classes at your facility.

By following this checklist and incorporating the necessary preparations, you can confidently launch virtual aqua fitness with a dedicated Account Manager supporting you every step of the way.

In no time, you will be offering participants a cutting-edge and immersive workout experience within your swimming hall!

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