Pool Displays

Find the best display solutions for displaying virtual Fitness Classes at your pool.

Use any

Hydrohex Media Player connects to any screen at your pool, whether it’s a TV, projector or an LED wall. 

We also offer water protected large displays for pools directly and through our partners. Start with the site survey to scope suitable screen solutions for your pool.

Read more about our options below.

Different pool display options

Entry level

TV + enclosure

Cost effective and flexible solution for displaying content at your pool. Good option when starting out with virtual fitness.

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IP-rated screens

Clean installations with purpose-made water protected screens. Great for more permanent solution!

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For those aiming for maximum user experience and accommodating larger groups, projectors are a good choice.

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LED wall

The ultimate solution, LED walls. Big, bright, beautiful.

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Our AV partners

Book a site survey

Wondering what display solution would be best for your pool? Let us help! We conduct free site surveys to help our customers to get the optimal display solutions for their pool.

Book a quick 30-minute intro call to go through the details of the site survey, and what kind of needs you have for a display.