Virtual workout

Hydrohex offers everything gyms, spas and swimming halls need for providing virtual aqua fitness for their customers!

How it

Choose the classes

Choose a Hydrohex Fitness Class that suits your customers best from a diverse and fresh collection.

Create your program

Set your weekly program by automating video playback. No staff needed to choose and play classes!

Enjoy scheduled classes

The top-quality underwater video shows the correct techniques to master the exercises.

Pool operators

Hydrohex offers multiple benefits for pool operators, listed below are some of our clients favourites.

Increases retention

New services boost visiting frequency and increase retention rates among customers. Hydrohex offers reasons to stay and come back!

Easy to set up

Setting up the service is easy. Hydrohex can be connected to virtually any modern display device, whether it is a TV or a projector.

Available 24/7

Hydrohex services are not tied to any specific schedules, so Hydrohex is a flexible way to fill off-peak gaps with more services!

Attracts new audiences

Offering Hydrohex services increases the attractiveness for all facilities. It also allows for an easy introduction to aqua fitness.

Cost effective addition

Hydrohex requires no personnel supervision, which allows for cost effective operation!

Customer Satisfaction

Our clients say customer satisfaction is a key driver behind their decision on offering Hydrohex at their pool!


Here’s what our clients say about the service:

“For us, it was a game changer. The scheduled Hydrohex Classes have been fully sold out. I can’t understand why this hasn’t already been done in Ireland.” Read full story

Kevin Doyle

General Manager
Westpark Fitness

“This changes our services from being staff adapted to being more customer adapted. There are plenty of possibilities with Hydrohex. We are satisfied and proud to be one of the first with Hydrohex in Sweden.” Read full story

Mia Fält

Centre Manager
Ystad Arena Bad

“Our customers love virtual classes. We have a lot of regular users, who enjoy the updating content. The software is customer friendly and easy to use.

Also the different languages available are a plus!” 

Anniina Oksanen

Waterpark Manager
Flamingo Spa

Virtual workout

Hydrohex is a platform to virtualize your pool services. We provide you with the content, software, and tools for you to offer your customers new and exciting virtual services!

Hydrohex comes with two separate use modes, both suited for different user groups and pool types.


Workout platform


Scheduled Classes


On-demand Workouts


Still wondering how this could fit into your current programming? Do the assessment below to see what kind of potential you could unlock at your pool with virtual offerings.

Use any

Hydrohex Media Player connects to any screen at your pool, whether it’s a TV, projector or an LED wall. 

We also offer water protected large displays for pools directly and through our partners. Start with the site survey to scope suitable screen solutions for your pool.

Read more about our options here.