Selecting the Right Screen for Your Swimming Pool

Exciting virtual aqua fitness classes are the new trend that can be found in more and more pools across Europe. However, not many swimming pools have pre-existing screens for displaying these classes.

What options are there for swimming pool screens? Can I use a normal TV screen in the pool area? TV screens are too small for my pool; how can I have a larger image that can be easily seen even if the pool is full of people?

In this article, we’ll explore different screen options designed for pool areas. With our experience of successfully implementing over 100 screen integrations in various pool facilities, whether you’re starting small or aiming for something grand, we are sure you’ll find a suitable solution here.

First things first: safety of TV screens in the pool area

Before we dive into our list of top choices, let’s tackle a common question: Can you use a regular TV screen safely in a pool area?

Pool environments can become quite humid and wet due to splashes, which makes installing non-waterproof electronics a concern. Safety regulations typically outline specific codes for electrical equipment in wet locations, so it’s important to adhere to local guidelines.

To address this challenge, utilising an IP65 (meaning protected against low-pressure water streams from any angle) enclosure adds a layer of protection by shielding the screen from both splashes and contact with wet hands. It is still good practice to install the screen out of reach.

It’s worth noting, however, that while these enclosures offer some safeguarding, standard TV screens aren’t inherently designed to withstand poolside conditions. Elements like humidity, exposure to chlorine, and fluctuating temperatures can still impact their performance and lifespan. Even with the enclosure, the expected longevity of a typical TV screen in such an environment usually ranges from 2 to 4 years.

To ensure continued safe operation, regular maintenance plays a vital role. Consistently checking for signs of wear, condensation build-up, or electrical concerns will help extend the screen’s lifespan and maintain its safety.

Now let’s get to our recommended swimming pool screen setups.

TV + Enclosure: A Cost-Effective Choice

Using a standard TV screen at your pool with an IP65 enclosure is a cost-effective and flexible solution for displaying content at your pool. This is our most-installed “entry-level” display solution, and it’s perfect for starting out with virtual aqua classes. The enclosure shields the screen from splashes, and the fans inside the enclosure aid in heat dissipation, ensuring optimal screen performance.

Available Enclosure Sizes:

  • 65″ (enclosure only)
  • 75″ (enclosure or frame)
  • 85-86″ (frame only)

The flexibility of screen enclosures allows you to use them with any existing TV screens you have, so you don’t necessarily need to get a new one. This option is well-suited for smaller pool areas and offers excellent value for money.

Best for: Small to medium-sized pool areas

Recommended Class Size: Up to 25 attendees

Estimated Cost: Starting from £1500 (enclosure and screen)

Where you can get it: Hydrohex

IP-rated Screens: Enhanced Brightness, Style, and Reliability

For professional settings like swimming facilities, specialised IP-rated screens designed to withstand the demands of the environment are a great option to consider. These outdoor screens boast higher brightness levels than standard screens and are already equipped with protection that meets IP standards, eliminating the need for additional external safeguards such as enclosures. This makes the installations cleaner and less bulky, and ideal for poolside installation.

IP-rated screens are available in various sizes. Exact sizes and models depend on the brand and provider.

With superior brightness and long-term reliability, these screens offer an enhanced user experience, making them perfect for larger pool areas and classes with a higher number of attendees.

Best for: Small to medium-sized pool areas who want a more bespoke and permanent installation

Recommended Class Size: Up to 25 attendees

Estimated Cost: Between £5,000 and £10,000

Where you can get it: Through our verified partners

Projectors: When Size Matters

For those aiming for maximum user experience and accommodating larger groups, there are two main options: projectors and LED walls.

Equipping your pool space with a projector offers scalability based on the available space in your facility. The image is as big as you want, so you can wow your members and customers! One drawback of projectors is brightness. Especially in a space with lots of windows, it requires a lot of power from the projector to draw a bright image, but depending on your space, a projector might be just the right choice for an unrivalled large image!

To ensure the longevity of your projector investment, we’ve partnered with a company offering IP65-protected enclosures, safeguarding the projector from humidity, water splashes, and chlorine exposure.

Best for: Large pool areas with ample space

Recommended Class Size: 30 attendees or more

Estimated Cost: Between £10,000 and £15,000

Where you can get it: Through our verified partners

LED Walls: The Ultimate Pool Experience

The ultimate solution for your pool display needs is an LED wall. These eye-catching screens, the size of a whole wall, will definitely be enough to deliver peak virtual aqua fitness experiences at any pool.

These customisable screens can also serve dual purposes – enhancing the virtual class user experience and providing additional informational displays. Our collaboration partners offer site surveys to ensure the LED wall solution meets your unique demands.

Best for: Premium pool facilities seeking a high-end solution

Recommended Class Size: 30 attendees or more

Estimated Cost: Between £20,000 to £25,000

Where you can get it: Through our verified partners

Ready to Transform Your Pool Space?

There you have it – a range of screen options for your pool that can turn your virtual aqua fitness sessions into something extraordinary. Whether you’re leaning towards the practicality of TV screens, the reliable style of IP-rated screens, the expansiveness of projectors, or the sheer grandeur of LED walls, we’ve got solutions to match both your taste and the space you have.

But let’s take the next step. To find the absolute best fit for your pool area, our experts are ready to conduct a personalised site survey, assessing your environment and guiding you towards the screen that suits you to a T.

Ready to make a splash? Contact us today, and let’s explore the ideal swimming pool screen solution for your space!

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