Hydrohex Swim School Tools Revolutionise Swim Education at Ystad Arena Bad

In January 2023, Ystad Arena Bad transformed its swim education by becoming the first facility in Sweden to introduce Hydrohex’s virtual concept for swim instruction.

Visitors and staff at the facility were already familiar with the Finnish company’s virtual services, having actively used the virtual aqua fitness for some time. Hydrohex had been working to expand from virtual aqua fitness to a tool for swim instructors for a while, and initial discussions with Ystad Arena Bad during the autumn of 2022 were positive. This innovative tool had already changed perspectives on swimming for both instructors and students in Finland.

We interviewed Mia Fält, Centre Manager at Ystad Arena Bad, and Emilia Thelander, one of the swim instructors, to learn about the impact of Hydrohex on their operations since introducing the swim school tool over a year ago. 

Emilia Thelander (left) and Mia Fält (right)


The decision to implement Hydrohex’s virtual swim school concept stemmed from the ambition to improve swim education for all involved. For instructors, it meant offering high-quality lessons without leaving the water to demonstrate different swimming techniques. Visual instructions on the screen also made swim education more accessible and understandable for students with diverse linguistic and learning needs.

“The tool has begun to meet our goals by providing students with clearer and more understandable instruction, regardless of language. Showing various techniques visually on the screen has increased students’ understanding and engagement in swim lessons.”

Mia Fält
Centre Manager

Emilia Thelander believes that Hydrohex’s virtual swim school concept has created positive experiences, despite initial scepticism among colleagues. According to Thelander, the concept has made instruction easier and more enjoyable.

“It has saved my voice as a swim instructor and made it possible to teach students with different linguistic backgrounds more effectively,” says Thelander.


Introducing something new that signals change naturally takes time. Fält considers this necessary to find the best way of working with a new concept. 

“If you’ve always done things a certain way, it’s a bit challenging to create new methods,” she says. 

Thelander mentions that throughout the year, staff and representatives from Hydrohex have collaborated, analysing models to ensure that both children and adults have fun with the concept and learn as much as possible through visual exercises. Besides being popular with children’s groups, the adult swimming group has particularly appreciated the concept, using it themselves to learn different swimming techniques. Thelander views the digital swim school concept as a positive change for the facility. 

“Hydrohex has made my work as a swim instructor significantly easier and more efficient.”

Emilia Thelander
Swim instructor


The virtual aspect of swim education has also attracted media interest. Fält presented the concept earlier in the year to the Ystad Culture and Recreation Committee, resulting in two excellent articles in local media where Thelander explained how the virtual swim school concept is used in swim education.

-“Based on the articles, we’ve received great feedback from our guests and answered questions from those who hadn’t yet discovered the concept, sparking curiosity,” says Fält. 


However, the aim at Ystad Arena Bad is not to stop here but to develop and expand usage in the future. The initial steps have been taken as staff have integrated the concept over the year. The next steps involve using this concept more effectively in all forms of swim education at the facility.

Since Ystad Arena Bad introduced Hydrohex’s virtual swim school concept to the Swedish market, several Swedish facilities have adopted the concept in their swim education. For other facilities considering the service, Fält poses a question.

-“Ask yourselves, what is the purpose of acquiring it? From an employer’s perspective with a responsibility for the work environment, the answer is simple, but also to reach students who need extra support and have different learning styles,” says Fält. 

Hydrohex Swim School has clearly revolutionised swim education at Ystad Arena Bad, resulting in more accessible, engaging, and efficient lessons for both instructors and students. By integrating Hydrohex into various swim education programmes and training areas, Ystad Arena Bad continues to create new opportunities for swim education and enhance swimming skills for all students. With strong leadership support and commitment from instructors, Ystad Arena Bad is a driving force in the Swedish market for advancing swim education.

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