Hydrohex & Mersound Initiate Collaboration – The Future of AV Solutions

We at Hydrohex are proud to announce that we have recently entered into a partnership with the Swedish AV company Mersound, which will assist us in the Nordic market. This partnership facilitates the purchasing process and enhances the quality of our services, while also granting Hydrohex more space to focus on developing our content packages. By combining our strengths, we are taking a significant step towards establishing a new standard within the industry. From the very beginning, Mersound recognised the great potential for development in Hydrohex and its innovative services.

“With our expertise in the Signage field, including customised screen solutions, we can provide the market with well-thought-out and cost-effective solutions together with Hydrohex,” says Arne Bakken, who works with project management and sales at Mersound.

Mersound is a market-oriented player with established collaborations directly with manufacturers. Brands within the Signage field that Mersound collaborates with include for example Samsung, Sony, Sharp/NEC, Philips, Panasonic, and LG Electronics.

AV Integration in Pool Areas: A Technical Overview

Integrating AV solutions in pool areas is a complex challenge that requires careful planning and attention to detail. It is highly recommended to use screen solutions that meet specific IP classifications, even though it is not an absolute requirement. The IP classification affects not only the screen’s protection against water and moisture but also the legal distances from water that must be observed.

“We offer a comprehensive range of integrated solutions for most industries. The foundation of our solutions lies in customer and needs analysis,” says Bakken.

Additionally, consideration must be given to the natural light in the pool area. This is to ensure that screen solutions function optimally under different lighting conditions. Correct safety distances and screen placements are also crucial to meet safety standards and prevent potential risks. By taking these factors into account, we can create an engaging and secure experience for pool visitors.

“Through these customised solutions, we can create engaging experiences that establish lasting connections and promote customer loyalty. The goal for both us and Hydrohex is to create a memorable visit for our customers’ clients,” says Bakken.

Over fifty years of knowledge

Mersound is a prominent company in the AV sector, known for its expertise and innovative solutions. With a strong presence in the Nordic market, they offer a range of services, extending from professional sound technology to advanced screen solutions. Mersound’s experienced team and technical knowledge make them an ideal partner for us at Hydrohex, as we work towards common goals of enhancing the quality and experience of training sessions in pool areas.

For over 50 years, we have delivered everything from music to screen solutions to businesses. Our offerings and the technology we use naturally change with time, but the business idea remains the same,” says Raymond Olsson, Partner and Operations Manager at Mersound South.

Collaboration with Mersound: A Step Towards the Future

Our collaboration with Mersound marks a significant milestone in Hydrohex’s endeavors to consistently raise the bar for quality and customer experience. By combining our passion for innovation with Mersound’s technical expertise, we can now make the purchasing process smoother than ever for our customers. This not only means higher quality but also the ability to offer competitive prices. Mersound sees numerous opportunities and applications for AV solutions in facilities with pool areas. The company has previously delivered sound systems to similar facilities, used for music, advertising, and announcements.

Alongside Hydrohex’s excellent service, our solutions can be combined. When screens or projectors are not in use for activities such as training sessions, they can be used for advertisements and other visual communication,” says Olsson.

With this partnership, we are taking an exciting step towards a bright future, where technology and creativity work hand in hand to enrich our lives and our time in the water. The representatives from Mersound eagerly anticipate what this collaboration can yield. Olsson and Bakken also believe that the collaboration with Hydrohex has the potential to develop and create a new and more intriguing pool experience for all those who frequent these kinds of facilities.

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