Pioneering Virtual Aqua Fitness at Schlossbad Niederrhein with Hydrohex

In May of 2023, Hydrohex embarked on an exciting partnership with Schlossbad Niederrhein, operated by NEW Bäder, to introduce a pioneering virtual solution designed to enhance their aqua fitness programmes. This collaboration was initiated as NEW Bäder sought innovative ways to maintain their offering of aqua fitness courses – despite a shortage of personnel – starting with Schlossbad Niederrhein.


Faced with a limited number of instructors and a growing demand for diverse aqua fitness classes, Schlossbad Niederrhein needed a scalable solution that could expand their class offerings and maintain high-quality instruction.


Hydrohex provided a cutting-edge virtual aqua fitness solution characterised by:

  • High-Quality Split View Videos: The solution utilises advanced recording technology to create split view videos, showcasing various workout perspectives in high definition. This enables the delivery of a diverse range of aqua fitness classes without the need for multiple instructors physically present.
  • Enhanced Member Engagement: The unique format of these videos provides a fresh and engaging way for pool guests to participate in aqua fitness, significantly enhancing accessibility and the overall appeal of the programme.


The introduction of Hydrohex’s technology at Schlossbad Niederrhein achieved impressive outcomes:

  • Expanded Class Offerings: The virtual aqua fitness classes allowed the swimming hall to significantly expand its schedule, introducing innovative classes that catered to different fitness levels and preferences.
  • Full Class Participation: These classes quickly reached capacity, running multiple times per week with full attendance, reflecting high pool guests’ interest and satisfaction.
  • Reliability: In the past, Schlossbad Niederrhein had to cancel some aqua fitness courses due to short-term staff shortages. The virtual courses enable one hundred percent reliability.

Future Outlook

Encouraged by the success at Schlossbad Niederrhein, NEW Bäder plans to continue its collaboration with Hydrohex and explore further expansion across their network. This will potentially introduce Hydrohex’s virtual solutions to more locations, leveraging the proven benefits to revolutionise aqua fitness experiences at other sites within the chain.

The partnership between Hydrohex and Schlossbad Niederrhein, under the initiative of NEW Bäder, serves as a prime example of how embracing virtual technology can transform traditional aqua fitness programmes.

This case study underscores the potential of such innovations to address industry challenges, enhance pool guest experiences, and establish a facility as a leader in the market.

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