BEAT gets a refresh

With the new wave of classes in November 2023, our Hydrohex BEAT classes will get an overhaul.

Hydrohex BEAT is the class for those who want to dance. It’s a class that has searched for it’s soul, but with the upcoming wave, we think it has found it. With a refreshed structure, building upon two choreographies, Hydrohex BEAT is even more exciting than before.

“I’m super excited to share the updated BEAT with everyone! It provides a completely new water experience that they’ve never seen before. This is our opportunity to respond to the requests for more dance-like classes, so I’m thrilled to bring this to you!”

Saara, BEAT Instructor

What is changing in Hydrohex BEAT?

As requested by our users, we’ve taken Hydrohex BEAT towards a more dance-like experience.

Previously our BEAT classes didn’t have a clear “story”, it was more about standalone tracks.

Now, we build two different choreographies after the warmup: #shine and #stepup. This gives a nice sense of progression during the class, when we start from the individual movements, and build it up to a full choreography!

New structure for the BEAT classes:

1. Warmup

2. Groove & vibe

3. Shine build up 1

4. Shine build up 2

5. Shine, full choreo

6. Step up build up 1

7. Step up build up 2

8. Step up full choreo

9. Cooldown

Comments from our instructor

We want to inspire a wider audience to find their own way to move in the water. Move with the flow, dance to the beat. Get an excellent cardio workout while having all the fun. Challenge the steps and coordination in your own way. Feel how you develop session after session.

The most important thing is to come as you are, move with the flow and have fun!

“A lot of people come to pool just for the workout. This time the focus is on feeling good, learning and having fun, and the workout is secondary!

What’s nice about the BEAT classes is that even after multiple times, you will still find new and different layers in it to.”

Saara, BEAT Instructor

The first refreshed BEAT class (BEAT #5) is available in the full 45-minute format as well as two 30-minute focus variations, launching on 27th of November!

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