Virtual fitness – a great way to get people and business moving!

Remember the early 1980’s home workout VHS tapes featuring instructors in tight, bright-colored bodysuits and head-bands? Yes, that’s virtual fitness in its most early form. Simply put, a fusion of technology and exercise! 

Since then, a plethora of new technological innovations, such as fitness apps, online platforms and wearables, have changed the way we exercise and relate to fitness on a daily basis. As a result, the fitness industry has undergone a huge transformation.

The new era of fitness

Virtual fitness has experienced a tremendous 300% upsurge in popularity during the past few years at gyms and fitness studios. And, it’s expected to double by the end of 2020!

Virtual fitness has undoubtedly become the new normal! Why? Because of the invaluable flexibility and freedom it provides its user with.

Convenient access to fitness content from large screens has found it’s place in exercisers’ hearts. More recently, also workout apps with pre-recorded or live-streamed classes have become a common part of the gyms’ service offering, increasingly so since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual complements your services and boosts attendance

Worried about virtual fitness competing with live fitness classes? Think again. Virtual classes actually boost live class attendance! In other words, virtual class is an ideal complement to live classes. Ultimately, for the service operator, it’s an effortless way to pay less but offer more that keeps customers happy and coming back.

According to the study made by the New Zealand fitness giant Les Mills, 75% of virtual fitness users also attend live class. It often serves as a low-threshold entry to live class for the many who feel uncomfortable about their physique, fitness level or about exercising in group or in public, in general.

Moreover, it’s a great way of reaching new customer segments. Take shift workers, students and frequent business travelers for example; people with busy and irregular schedules, or tight budgets. They might not be able to or even interested in attending workout classes during rush hour. For them, virtual offers a flexible and affordable workout alternative, without the trouble of sticking to a fixed routine.

New technology brings virtual fitness also to the pool! 

There is no reason why you, as a pool operator, can’t enjoy the same benefits gym and fitness studio operators do! Now Hydrohex brings all the same virtual services to you, too!

In fact, Hydrohex has already become part of the new normal at Finnish commercial pools around the country. Our turnkey workout solutions include both a modern workout software and waterproof screens. They’re easy to integrate at any pool and require minimal operational efforts.

That’s why Hydrohex has proven a flexible and cost-effective way of adding versatility to the pool services. It activates the pool space, even during off-peak hours and in between swimming or live aqua classes.

Most importantly, our clients feel that Hydrohex has raised both customer satisfaction and retention at their pool sites!

For your customers, working out with Hydrohex is easy! It works exactly the same way they are already used to at the gym or with fitness apps on their mobile devices.

Choose a workout from the screen and follow the video! 

  • Hydrohex workout collection
  • Virtual underwater video
  • Workout completed

Now is the time to ride the virtual wave of fitness!

If you take another look at current and future fitness trends, I’m sure you will agree with me: Virtual fitness is here to stay! There’s no way to deny the huge benefits it has already had on operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness and customer value proposition at gyms.

As a pool operator you, too should embrace any advancement virtual brings to the pool in the near future, as you are sure to benefit from it! 

Let’s connect and discuss about what a virtual fitness service can do for you! Book a virtual meeting with one of our customer reps and we’ll show you how Hydrohex works. Or, if you want to read on, check out our service or frequently asked questions for more detailed information!

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