Independent Customer Survey 2022

At the beginning of 2022, an independent customer survey about virtual aqua fitness was conducted in Finland. The customer survey was sent via e-mail and had 100 applicants.

The agenda for the customer survey was crystal clear. To collect feedback from Finnish swimming hall operators that are using virtual aqua fitness as a part of their service package. Of the 100 applicants, 81 were from the public sector and 19 were from the private sector. It’s worth mentioning that the applicants represented every region in Finland, with a majority coming from Western Finland (39%). The applicants also represented a spread of fitness industry specialists from swimming hall managers to Health and fitness manager. 


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According to the survey, three key values were identified for an aqua fitness company. These values are keeping promises, the quality of content and, user-friendliness. Other less important values identified were marketing and constant contact with customers. The survey answers indicated that Hydrohex looks strong in regards to these areas with high quality and a large amount of content. Even though marketing and constant contact with the customer does not hold as much value as other aspects, it is a value Hydrohex has always focused on. This is most visible with Hydrohex’s constant follow up meetings within all current markets.  

It is also worth mentioning the added value that virtual aqua fitness has brought to swimming halls. According to applicants of the survey 99 stated that in their opinion, virtual aqua fitness has given added value to their swimming halls. The service that has been most positive is that the workout can be done whenever the customer desires. In addition, many stated that customer satisfaction increased due to virtual aqua fitness. The applicants also indicated that virtual aqua fitness service has allowed for a more diverse customer base by adding a new aspect to swimming halls. 

The survey also indicated that there is room for improvement. For instance, five of the applicants responded that Hydrohex should update their content more frequently. Ten applicants also stated that the content should evolve. These two areas were taken under consideration by Hydrohex. Hydrohex has now decided to update the service more frequently every year. These issues that were raised by the applicants are why Hydrohex wants to keep close relations with clients. By doing this the company has the possibility to reach new heights.  

One of the survey’s most interesting results was Hydrohex’s NPS (Net Promotor Score). The company score was rated at 71,7%, which is an excellent score within most industries. The NPS measures customer loyalty and the index result is built on the simple question: would you recommend this company to a colleague or friend. Internationally a score above 70% seems as world-class while the average score for international IT services is 42%. 

Summary of the Survey

To sum up the customer survey, most of the respondents thought that they had facilities that suited virtual aqua fitness sessions, and they indicated that they would be able to deliver more of the service. The main pain within the industry was the difficulty in finding professional instructors. The majority of respondents stated that they used both instructor led aqua fitness classes, as well as the virtual aqua fitness classes. These respondents also believed that they utilise more virtual aqua fitness classes in the future. 

As a whole, most of the respondents in the survey had a positive attitude towards virtual aqua fitness classes. As previously mentioned, 99 % of the respondents thought that the virtual classes gave the swimming halls added value. Though the three most common trends were due to the ability to schedule training sessions at will, higher customer satisfaction as well as a versatile and flexible training experiences. In addition to this, the virtual aqua fitness has been able to reach out to new target audiences.  

According to the survey, Hydrohex’s competitive advantage lies in the large number of workouts available. The workouts are both high quality and clear to end-users. The upcoming content also indicates a market fit. Hydrohex will continue working to keep its position as a market leader in the virtual aqua fitness field. This customer survey has empowered Hydrohex with the information necessary to make the right decisions to create steps for the company to take in the future and keep the current market position.  

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