Hydrohex launches in Denmark with Tønder kommune & AV Center

We are delighted to announce Hydrohex’s exciting launch in the Danish market at three sites within Tønder kommune: Skærbæk Svømmehal, Arrild Svømmehal, and Tønder Svømmehal. As a provider of virtual aqua fitness for pool operators, this venture symbolises an innovative step forward for the fitness community. Collaborating with Tønder kommune, who embraced our concept, and AV Center, who provided screen solutions for two of the three sites, the united efforts of all parties involved have successfully brought this innovative project to life.

Tønder Kommune – Eager to Be Number One

We had the chance to talk about this partnership with Jasmin Helledie, Foreningskonsulent & Projektmedarbejder (Association Consultant & Project Staff), who represents Tønder kommune. Helledie explained that the choice to work with Hydrohex came after two swimming halls showed interest in what the company is offering. Seeing its potential, they agreed to financially support a one-year trial for the three sites belonging to Tønder kommune.

With the help of the representatives from Hydrohex, it did not take long from decision to action. The representatives have been available at all times, and they have been helpful in answering any necessary questions, says Helledie.

When talking about the product, Helledie pointed out several main advantages. In her opinion, the swimming halls and associations are able to hold classes even if there are not enough instructors. In addition to this, Helledie points out that it can also help current aqua instructors work more closely with the participants in the water. Moreover, Helledie thinks that Hydrohex might bring in new people and get more people coming to the swimming hall.

While Hydrohex isn’t designed to replace real instructors, the service can increase or maintain a certain level of activity, says Helledie.

Tønder kommune is the first commune in Denmark to try this new way of ‘aqua training’. According to Helledie, this can probably contribute positively in everyday life where the swimming halls need aqua fitness to be more flexible.

It is exciting to be the first one to try this in Denmark. We are excited to see how our citizens and associations will make use of it, says Helledie.

In wrapping up the partnership, it’s clear that Tønder kommune saw how Hydrohex’s virtual aqua fitness service could be a good addition to their swimming halls.

Partnership with AV Center:

An integral part of our successful launch in Tønder kommune was our collaboration with AV Center. Claus Halken, Key Account Manager at AV Center, was instrumental in providing the screen solutions needed at Arrild Svømmehal and Tønder Svømmehal.

From the outset, Halken felt a positive connection with Hydrohex, appreciating the well-organised communication and describing the entire experience as working with good people and a trustworthy company. The partnership became an ideal match, as both companies brought their unique expertise to the table.

Hydrohex is making software, and they are good at it. AV Center is making AV solutions, and we’re good at it, says Halken.

Halken also expressed his belief in the innovative approach of virtual aqua fitness instructors, emphasising that by offering more workouts, they provide more flexibility without necessarily replacing real instructors. By bringing together Hydrohex’s proficiency in software and AV Center’s specialisation in AV solutions, the collaboration enhances the aqua fitness experience in a modern way.

The synergy between Hydrohex and AV Center has not only met the immediate needs of Tønder kommune but has also laid the groundwork for ongoing collaboration and industry transformation.

The Journey Begins

Hydrohex’s launch in Tønder kommune is more than a market entry; it’s a transformative moment in the world of aqua fitness. Collaborating with the forward-thinking community of Tønder kommune and the technologically adept AV Center has allowed us to create a service that resonates with the modern needs of swimming halls and fitness enthusiasts alike. This partnership is a celebration of innovation, community, and the shared pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. We are grateful to everyone involved and look forward to the positive waves this launch will create in the aqua fitness community.

Here’s to a new beginning in Denmark!

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