Hydrohex Update 3.0 – Work Out With Style

We have been working on plenty of new features, content and bug fixes during the Summer. It’s now time to share with you all the new good stuff included in Hydrohex Update 3.0! This is the biggest update Hydrohex has seen since the first Beta version in 2018, so there is lots to talk about.

What’s new?

UI Overhaul

We have completely redesigned the old user interface. This is a major facelift for the whole app, from menus to workout view that makes things easier to understand. The aim is to keep it simple but fresh, and to better tell what each element does!

New exercise videos

We spent the spring filming 1,600 underwater exercise videos for the app. Filmed in 6K 50p, the visibility is clearer, the field of view is wider and the exercise techniques are flawless.

New workouts

With 600+ completely new exercise moves on top of the old collection of 350 (yes, there are now almost 1,000 different exercise moves!), we’ve been able to build even more new and unique workout programs. The 50+ workouts are now categorized more clearly in four distinct categories: Fitness, Aerobics, Wellness and Skills.

Each of these categories represent different workout styles and contains different exercise moves. Now everyone can find something they are familiar and comfortable with! Try them out and find your favorite!

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Workout Queue

You can now queue up to 4 workouts for a playlist! Choose the pieces of your workout session, and start training without interruptions in between sections.

Other new features

  • Picture-in-picture – see the action both above and under the water!
  • Play count – see how many times each workout has been completed at your location and try your club’s favorite workouts!
  • Improved workout navigation – more intuitive controls to skip and navigate exercises when in workout view.

The road ahead

We are currently working on several features to improve user engagement and interaction, as well as more ways to offer activities at the pool. Stay tuned to find out more!

If you’re interested in a demo at your pool, you can schedule a time with our customer reps here:

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