Profitable virtual aqua fitness offering at Paradiset Spa

Nestled in the heart of Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, Paradiset Spa stands out not just for its relaxing spa experiences but for the action-packed aquatic adventures it offers.

Known for its various water-based activities, such as one of the longest water slides in Sweden, Paradiset Spa faced a unique challenge in the post-pandemic landscape: a dwindling pool of instructors and fluctuating guest attendance.

Solving the problems

The solution came in early 2022, with the integration of Hydrohex. The decision to incorporate the service was driven by a vision to not only address immediate challenges but to future-proof the park’s offerings.

Jim Lindeberg, the Assistant Manager at Paradiset Spa, says that when they were considering buying Hydrohex for their pool, they saw Hydrohex could help them achieve four things:

  1. to complement their instructor-led water training
  2. to attract younger participants to water exercises
  3. to make better use of pool times
  4. to cover for staff during sickness

Starting with a rented 65″ screen, the overwhelming positive feedback and growing financial gains from the ticket sales soon justified an upgrade to a larger, superior screen to enhance the virtual aqua fitness experience.

Profitable from year one

Since they started tracking incoming revenue from Hydrohex in 2023, Hydrohex has brought in almost twice the revenue compared to expenditure. Paradiset Spa anticipates even higher profitability in 2024, with expected profits of around 100,000 SEK.

“We did very well in 2023, and now at the start of 2024, the numbers are still increasing. As we have had this as a paid service for our customers, it has been profitable investment, while also getting more people in the community moving.”

Jim Lindeberg
Assistant Manager

Happy members

This success was not just in numbers; it resonated with the members who delighted in the increased activity options, especially at a time when finding qualified instructors was becoming increasingly difficult.

Initial fears about underutilization vanished as Hydrohex’s popularity increased, fueled by its user-friendly setup and organic word-of-mouth.

We were surprised of how easy it was to get the operation going; the interest has spread by itself.”

Jim Lindeberg
Assistant Manager

Looking forward

As Paradiset Spa continues to make waves with Hydrohex, the platform has become an important part of the pools adventure portfolio.

“If Hydrohex was removed today, It would be a big adjustment, and we would not be able to offer this in any other way.”

Jim Lindeberg
Assistant Manager

Paradiset Spa’s journey with Hydrohex shows how embracing innovation can transform challenges into opportunities, enhancing guest experiences and fostering a more engaged, active community around the thrill of aquatic fitness.

Lastly, Jim Lindeberg wanted to share some thoughts to those who are considering a virtual aqua fitness platform:

Once you get it started and learn a bit about the system, it almost manages itself. We’ve got incredibly good support from Alexander from Hydrohex. He has been a rock for us.”

Jim Lindeberg
Assistant Manager

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