No more cancelled classes at Navet Umeå

Before partnering with Hydrohex, Navet in Umeå faced challenges with unused pool areas and difficulties in replacing instructors during sick leaves, leading to the risk of cancelling classes. These challenges limited the swimming hall’s ability to offer consistent and accessible aqua fitness for their clients.

Navet approached Hydrohex to solve these challenges, and to refresh their offering with a virtual solution.

The Path to Hydrohex

Navet’s decision to integrate Hydrohex into their operations was based on a successful trial period that was well-received by both staff and visitors. The swimming hall’s ambition to be a modern facility with innovative training sessions led to the recognition of Hydrohex as an optimal solution for refreshing and diversifying their offerings.

“Our approach to aqua fitness is to be a modern facility with innovative sessions, and Hydrohex was exactly that.”

Sofia Eriksson
Wellness Coordinator

Concerns and Expectations

Despite initial customer concerns that Hydrohex might replace traditional instructor-led classes, these worries quickly subsided when it became clear that the service complemented the existing range. Navet expected Hydrohex to eliminate the need to cancel classes and enrich their aqua fitness program.

First screen at Navet

Results and Changes Since Implementation

Since the introduction of Hydrohex, Navet has witnessed an increase in the number of classes, including well-attended Hydrohex sessions. This exceeded expectations and demonstrated the service’s ability to attract participants even during traditionally quieter times.

Moreover, the installation of an additional screen in the warm multipurpose pool due to increased demand highlights the service’s popularity and acceptance among the visitors.

Second screen at Navet

Customer Reactions and Future Prospects

The positive feedback from customers has been significant, with many expressly preferring Hydrohex sessions over traditional ones. This engagement has led to further investment in the technology, with a second screen now installed to meet demand. The customers’ appreciation for the professionally produced and engaging content underscores the service’s value.

“What surprised us the most was how professionally it is filmed and that the response from the customers has been so positive.

Sofia Eriksson
Wellness Coordinator


By addressing initial challenges and meeting customer needs, Hydrohex has contributed to a renewed dynamic in Navet’s training offerings, not only increasing participation but also enhancing the swimming hall’s reputation as a leading facility for innovative aqua fitness.

Looking forward, Navet sees great opportunities to continue expanding and developing their offerings with Hydrohex, as a central part of their mission to provide accessible and varied training for everyone.

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