The best pool exercises to try this summer – Water workout at home pool

Get in shape with effective pool exercises

Aahh, summer days! The sun is shining, weather is great, but the pool in the back yard – the pool is empty.


Well while it’s great for the kids, it’s too short for swimming.

The solution?

Hydrohex water workouts!

We’ve built the perfect full-body workout with the best pool exercises for you with tips on how to get the most out of your pool space, so read on!

Warmup – Jumping jacks + Variations

Jumping jacks are a great warm up exercise for the whole body, as it keeps the heart rate up. With slight variations, you get a lot more out of the standard jumping jack exercise!

1️⃣ Front & Back Jacks x 20
This exercise puts more emphasis on different heads of the deltoid muscles and upper back. It’s a great substitute for the normal Jumping Jacks.

2️⃣ Boxing Jacks x 20
This variation has different upper body response than traditional Jumping Jacks, and is a nice alternative when you want to spice things up!

3️⃣ Extra: Floating Jacks x 15
Third variation is definitely the toughest one, and it requires a deeper pool. Using the standard Jumping Jacks motion, this one requires more strength from your legs and core to keep you on the surface level. It may take a little practice, but see if you can do it!

HIIT – Three exercises for the whole body

The HIIT section of this summer workout has three effective and simple full-body exercises. Concentrate on wide range of motion and keeping your core muscles activated to stabilize the movement.

1️⃣ Marching Torso Twist x 15
The twisting motion is great for strengthening those core muscles, while the march really targets your glutes and hamstrings.

2️⃣ Lower Sweep x 20
This one is a classic upperbody exercise that requires stability from your core and legs. Sweep as low as you can and drive your palm towards the surface!

3️⃣ Side Kicks x 15
The side kicks are an excellent all-rounder exercise for lower body and core activation.

Core – Rail Squeezes

One of the best best ways to utilize your pool for full-on ab workout is to use the railing or the edge of your pool! Hold on to the edge, and extend your legs backwards. Can you feel the burn in your abs already? These two core exercises will definitely make the difference in your workout!

1️⃣ Side Squeeze x 15
Hold the pool edge and fully rotate your extended legs 180 degrees from your one side to the other. Try to keep your body as straight as you can.

2️⃣ Straight Squeeze x 15
Extend your legs backwards in a straight motion. Kick back as far as you can, and tuck back in towards the wall.

Bonus tip – You can make the exercise easier if you touch the floor with your toes between each repetiotion.

So what are you waiting for? Hit the pool and go give this pool workout a try! For more similar programs, check out our Instagram profile where we’ve collected a bunch of quick water workout tips!

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