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The powerful workout in the water - now in Chertsey!

Hydrohex is virtual, modern and efficient method of aqua fitness, which is taking you and your fitness goals to the next level this year! Find us as the River Bourne Health Club.

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Work out in a group
The most efficient form of aqua fitness

What is Hydrohex?

Hydrohex is the match made in heaven for fitness enthusiasts that want the benefits of “aqua fitness”, like gentleness for joints as well as water’s sculpting and healing properties, but who also want to work out HARD!

Jumps, kicks, running… The method gets you to sweat. Or it works like pilates – your core burns and mobility improves, and you feel amazing. Up to you! Either way it is a low-impact workout, which has proven results on building muscle, fat burn – the list goes on.

Hydrohex Studio is gathering members to join group classes led by our virtual instructors. Why virtual, you may ask? That’s our secret to the powerful workouts – you see exactly how the movement looks like IN THE WATER. Instructors tell you also exactly where you should feel the workout.

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The 25 meter long and 1,2m deep pool at the River Bourne Health Club hosts our newest Studio.

Centrally located with great transportation connections, the Studio is a great destination for your workout hours.

Your first time

How to prepare

When you come in, please check-in at the club’s reception. You will get a blue wristband for the duration of the workout – that’s your exclusive pass to the trailblazer workout in Surrey!

Take a padlock, swimming suit and towel with you, get yourself ready in the changing room and enter the pool. You will be working out in front of a big screen which is right hand side of the pool.

5 minutes before the exercise, there will be music to prep you and to gather fellow trainers to join you. Say hi to your neighbour and start the most intense water workout you have ever been to!

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4 Classes


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8 Classes


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Class schedule

That first Hydrohex aqua session genuinely is what triggered a switch in my brain and has led me to currently be about 18 pounds lighter, more motivated, busier and focused!

A Hydrohex regular from Nottingham



What’s the weekly schedule?

Monday: 14:00 MOVE (45 mins) 20:00 POWER (45 mins)

Tuesday: 06:45 POWER (45 mins) 14:00 CARDIO (45 mins)

Wednesday: 19:30 POWER MIX (80 mins)

Thursday: 08:45 CARDIO (45 mins) 20:00 CARDIO (45 mins)

Friday: 19:30 POWER (45 mins)

Saturday: 15:30 CARDIO (45 mins)

Sunday: 15:30 POWER (45 mins)

Where do I buy the class credits?

You can buy credits for the classes at the reception of the River Bourne Club.

What do I need to take with me when I come to class?

Take a padlock, swimming suit and towel with you. If you have swimming shoes, those can be useful to get a good grip of the pool floor during the exercises.

Can I reschedule classes if I’m unable to come?

Yes! As long as you cancel in time, you will receive your class credits back and you can book another class.


What are the different class types?

Hydrohex Studio classes are in 3 categories: CARDIO, POWER and MOVE.

CARDIO is what the name says: a cardio workout. Fast tempo, high intensity.

POWER focuses on powerful movements and straightforward, effective workouts.

MOVE is like pilates in the water. Effective and sculpting exercises focus on mobility and core.

Where else can I find Hydrohex classes?

Currently, the River Bourne Club is the only Hydrohex Studio location offering Studio classes in the UK. Additionally, we have a few locations across the UK offering our other virtual classes. You can find a list of other Hydrohex providers here.