Loyal members boost Kunnonpaikka to the Top 3 Hydrohex locations

At Kunnonpaikka, a spa hotel near Kuopio, Finland, Hydrohex has become one of the main attractions. Kunnonpaikka has consistently been in the Top 3 for locations with the most completed Hydrohex sessions. This is thanks to having two pools with Hydrohex displays, offering both on-demand workouts and scheduled fitness classes.

As the spa hotel boasts, Hydrohex has become an integral part of their offerings, garnering great reviews from both management and enthusiastic exercisers alike.

Jonna Tirkkonen, the service manager, reminisces about the challenges they faced before Hydrohex.

“We have been investing in the development of instructed aqua fitness for several years now, and Hydrohex fits perfectly with our vision to expand the range of instructed activities.

Jonna Tirkkonen
Service Manager

Customer survey result

Heli Vehkala, the business director, shares insights into their decision to acquire Hydrohex: “We wanted to add value and give people more reasons to visit the spa. Hydrohex was the perfect fit.”

But the true testament to Hydrohex’s success lies in the words of the exercisers themselves:

“Hydrohex is a game-changer for me! I can work out whenever I want, regardless of the time!” exclaims one delighted customer.

In a recent member survey at Kunnonpaikka, 40 customers specifically mentioned Hydrohex when asked what they liked the most at Kunnonpaikka.

Exercise on your schedule

The convenience and flexibility of Hydrohex workouts are echoed by many: “Being able to do water aerobics on my schedule is fantastic.”

Moreover, the high-quality workouts and user-friendly interface have won over the hearts of Kunnonpaikka’s clientele. “The exercises are so effective, and the variety is amazing,” shares one satisfied customer.

Even Kunnonpaikka staff was surprised by the quality:

“It surprised us how positively it was received and how quickly people took a liking to Hydrohex. Also, the user-friendliness from the customer’s perspective was surprising.”

Jonna Tirkkonen
Service Manager

And it’s not just about the workouts; it’s about the sense of community and support that Hydrohex fosters.

“I love that I can work out by myself whenever I want, or join others even mid-class,” remarks a loyal attendee.

Significant impact on retention

Both the staff and the members recognize Hydrohex as one of the reasons for member retention.

Heli and Jonna mention that “Hydrohex has had a significant impact on customer retention, and many customers have said that Hydrohex is the reason why they have a spa membership.”

This is evident in the answers of the member survey:

“On-demand aqua fitness is the reason why I have kept my membership,” says one member.

Another enthusiast chimes in, “I absolutely adore Hydrohex! It’s the reason I renewed my membership.”

At Kunnonpaikka, Hydrohex isn’t just a tool for exercise. It’s the reason why people keep coming back to the pool.

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