Instant hit – Hydrohex Classes fully sold out at Westpark Fitness

Westpark Fitness becomes the first site in Ireland to launch Hydrohex virtual aqua fitness. 

Westpark Fitness is a premier fitness facility and gym in Tallaght, Dublin. An award-winning, innovative venue, Westpark Fitness is the first pool operator in Ireland to offer its members access to Hydrohex, the premium aqua fitness provider from Finland. Scheduled classes with voice instruction, music, and multiple camera angles from both above and below the surface, as well as the convenient Hydrohex On-Demand, take place in Westpark Fitness’s stainless-steel pool, the only one in Ireland.  

“Innovation is a big part of Westpark Fitness” 

Westpark Fitness has a history of being an early adopter when it comes to virtual fitness offerings.
Kevin Doyle, General Manager at Westpark Fitness, said “Innovation is a big part of Westpark Fitness. Sometimes you can end up being the guinea pig but with Hydrohex things have really worked out.”  

Originally Westpark Fitness had a need to draw inspiration for its own instructors.

“It looked very professional when I first saw it and I was impressed with it. The original reason for acquiring it was to feed ideas to our own instructors. Since then, the service has taken on a life of its own and become very popular among our membership,” says Kevin Doyle. 

Initially there have been four Hydrohex Classes available per week with a capacity of 12 members and Hydrohex On-Demand is available for use during free swimming times. So far, all the scheduled classes have been full and there are always 3-4 people using the On-Demand workouts.  

“For us, it’s a game changer” 

The next step for Westpark fitness is to increase the number of weekly scheduled Hydrohex classes and put more resources into marketing to see how far Hydrohex virtual aqua fitness can go. 

“For us, it was a game changer. Hydrohex On-Demand has worked really well and the scheduled Hydrohex Classes have been fully sold out. I can’t understand why this hasn’t already been done in Ireland,” says Kevin Doyle. 

So far Ireland has shown that it has the willingness to adopt innovations in the virtual aqua fitness space and, with the example set by Westpark Fitness, it seems that only the sky is the limit. 

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